“I’ve been working with Chris on the ‘Laws of attraction’ and goal setting. He helps me to stay focus and keep on track to achieve my goals both personal and business related”
AF, Spain
“Before meeting and having hypnotherapy with Chris I was smoking more than 60 cigarettes per day and coughing heavily on a daily basis. Now I’m a non-smoker and feeling like Chris has gave me my life back”
MJ, Westminster
“Since my mum and I employed Chris as our coach and we both took a DiSC analysis profile we both have learnt how to now communicate with each other. Now we both have a much greater understanding of each other and we can’t thank Chris enough. Thank you”
LS, Watford
“I turned to Chris human behavior coach last year as I was turning 50 and I was weighting 20st, I decided I didn’t want to be fat at 50. So, I thought I would give Chris Barton coaching and book a 10-week weight management program a try. After only three sessions I started to eat feel healthily and began exercising. I even stopped eating chocolate, which I’d lived on for nearly 30 years. I have now lost 5 st and am fitter than I’ve ever been, having recently completed a triathlon. I now have a new lease and a better quality of life”
PD, Hertfordshire